How does it work?

First we talk about the project via email, phone, Skype and/or in person. Then, I send over an estimate and my terms and conditions. After that, you share your favorite videos and photos with me so I can start editing. Dropbox works well for this.

What does it cost?

Project complexity can vary. A 5-minute video, made using only content you generated, takes between 8 and 12 hours of work. Estimated costs for a project like this start at $400 dollars and include three DVD copies of the video.

How much video will I need?

Depends on the project. I generally say the more, the better, but it is always good to self-edit and pick out the clips you like the most.

I have a deadline quickly approaching. Can you do a rush job?

Sometimes. I recommend giving yourself lots of lead time not just for my schedule, but problems that can pop up.

Do you shoot video for clients?

Yes. Contact me if interested.

I do not need an edited video. Can you just put my videos on a DVD?

Yes. However, I am only able to work with digital video. Transferring from VHS, 8mm, Hi-8 and other analog sources is not possible.